Saturday, June 19, 2010

General studies:
Amongst all the papers i find general studies to be most GS has lots of sections like polity, sumtimes aspirants become confused about how to go for it...
i wrote 2 mains one in 2007 and one in 2009(i didnt take ne attempt in 2008)
n there ws wide difference in GS papers of 2007 and 2009...i got 325 in 2007 mains and 296 in 2009 mains...n m quite satisfied wid my score as it is on expected lines only

I m listing the books/material/magazines i followed:

1)polity : DD basu
2)economy: NCERT,pratiyogita darpan
3)modern india :bipin chandra
4)vajjiram materials and classroom notes
5)current affairs special by wizard
6)india year book,eco survey
7)statistics : i practised prev qs papers within time limit
8)Indian culture:as i had history opt so didnt do nething specific for this
9)geog : ncerts
10)vajjiram materials and class room notes
11)for 2009 attempt i ws in delhi for 2.5 months n i took one mains test series program for gs from sriram although i wrote just 2 tests der i.e economy n modern india bcoz of time constraints bt overall it ws gud
12)hindu,yojana,kurukshetra,frontline,chanakya(won a prize in aug 2002 on the essay of disinvestment of public sector underatkings from chanakya n collected the book list from da toppers' intreviews dat used 2 come der)chronicle,competition wizard + one magazine dat used 2 vary depending on da coverage for the particular month...i.e if sumtime i like CST then i used 2 take dat n if i liked chanakya or civil services analyst i used 2 take dat...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Smile. It is a simple act, but sometimes takes a lot of effort. A smile can cause boundaries to melt, hearts to warm up, and distances to reduce. Why don't we smile more often? Is it too tough to smile? The answer lies in our attitude towards life. If we are more accepting of situations, we will be able to smile more easily...
we wud be having situations which wil b tough n sumtimes beyond our control bt i think we should not be losing hope and instead be bold enough 2 deal wid them but with a smile towards life...

life wud b much easier if u start taking ur own life wid a smile and n then life wud smile back and u wud smile n shine forever n ever...

smile n shine
How to prepare public admn :

Public admn is da paper having most concise syllabus as far as i know and interesting pub ad ws my 2nd optional so i read limited no. of books and study material for it...

I m listing the books :
for paper 1: fadia n fadia,awasthi n maheswari,prasad n prasad
For paper 2 : arora n goel
study material : i referred vajiiram's red books or now which is probably known as pink books ,IIpa journals and Sunil gupta sir's test series analysis that helped me for refining my answer writing skills...
For the new added syllabus i referred vajjiram's red book,IIPA journals,Search from NET and as i was teaching production and operation management in an engg college and sum portions of da new syllabus were same to portions which i ws teaching in college eg. PERT,CPM etc.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


now that prelims are over n many aspirants wud hv started preps for here i m listing out the books or material for history that i followed :
1) Ancient : Romilla thapar,D.n jha,ncert,a l basham
2) medeival : ncert, satish chandra
3) modern : ncert,grover and grover,bipin chandra
4) world history : jain and mathur
5)Dr . krishna reddy sir's material and his approach of how to frame answers and chanakya's material which i took as postal course just after deciding for history as my optional...
6)Spectrum book for maps and maps in 2009 most of da points were from prehistory and those points were either in ncert or in agnihotri boob for pelims or in da classroom whne Dr Reddy sir was doing prehistory Sir covered almost every point in the class and as my map pointing is quite accurate i always did da map qs 2007 attempt whn i wrote mains also i got 182 in paper qs is very mark scoring...
7)for dis attempt..i went 2 delhi for apprx 2 months after mid june n joined baliyan sir's tests as in 2008 i didnt take ne attempt paper 2 my marks were slightly less as i cudnt prepare the modern india aan i just wrote 3 tests of modern india at baliyan sir's classes ..i found baliyan Sir's test analysis to be good...

now after reading the basic books and material one should write answers at least for sum qs or think wat the structure of answer wud be n dis help do develop the analytical ability of da aspirants n help 2 score better marks in mains...

Smile n Shine...
upsc marks are out...n i m posting my marks bcoz of requests from sum aspirants...

Roll No. : 084389
AIR : 13
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009
Subject Maximum
Essay(Paper III) 200 090
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 144
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 152
Optional I, HISTORY Paper-VI 300 185
Paper-VII 300 171
Optional II, PUBLIC ADMIN.. Paper-VIII 300 175
Paper-IX 300 154
Written Total 2000 1071
Interview Marks 300 195
Final Total 2300 1266

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I m Rashmita Panda...AIR 13 in cse -2009...

we all live with a hope in our eyes...we face the ups n down bcoz of the hope that even this will pass...

smile n shine always