Saturday, June 19, 2010

General studies:
Amongst all the papers i find general studies to be most GS has lots of sections like polity, sumtimes aspirants become confused about how to go for it...
i wrote 2 mains one in 2007 and one in 2009(i didnt take ne attempt in 2008)
n there ws wide difference in GS papers of 2007 and 2009...i got 325 in 2007 mains and 296 in 2009 mains...n m quite satisfied wid my score as it is on expected lines only

I m listing the books/material/magazines i followed:

1)polity : DD basu
2)economy: NCERT,pratiyogita darpan
3)modern india :bipin chandra
4)vajjiram materials and classroom notes
5)current affairs special by wizard
6)india year book,eco survey
7)statistics : i practised prev qs papers within time limit
8)Indian culture:as i had history opt so didnt do nething specific for this
9)geog : ncerts
10)vajjiram materials and class room notes
11)for 2009 attempt i ws in delhi for 2.5 months n i took one mains test series program for gs from sriram although i wrote just 2 tests der i.e economy n modern india bcoz of time constraints bt overall it ws gud
12)hindu,yojana,kurukshetra,frontline,chanakya(won a prize in aug 2002 on the essay of disinvestment of public sector underatkings from chanakya n collected the book list from da toppers' intreviews dat used 2 come der)chronicle,competition wizard + one magazine dat used 2 vary depending on da coverage for the particular month...i.e if sumtime i like CST then i used 2 take dat n if i liked chanakya or civil services analyst i used 2 take dat...


  1. dear rashmita ji can u plz suggest me books for mechanical engineering for ias mains..very thankx in advance...

  2. hi, from which month should i keep track of current events for mains.iam collecting newspaper clippings from may will it suffice

  3. mam,I;ve some doubts on BBSR.PLS clarify the followings.
    1-one has taken class room coaching from Delhi afr dat he ;ll prepare inBBSR.does it effective?
    2-one knows tit bit about its opt.papers N collected all the materials through postal guidance,then only covering the syllabus.;ll it helpful for exam?the postal guidance available is same as class room notes of the coaching institutes or different?
    3-the opt.test series are available in BBSR or only one has to appear at the respective coaching institutes?
    4-how did you manage the time in betn.teaching N cseprep?bcoz I;ve keen interest on service with cse prep.
    5-which book store is good for cse books in BBSR?where the IIPA N IGNOU materials are available?
    6-in this column in 12 no.point after competition wizard+,it is confusing .pls clarify in CSI N other magazines.
    with regards

  4. Hello rashmi,
    I got 1 serious problem. HOW TO STUDY POLITY & CONSTITUTION.
    Its been horribly hopeless. Every single planner, guide say ‘imp articles from…’,'I read DD basu.’ But what does that mean? I have DD BASU, Laxmikant, kashyap. but whenever I open that books…. AAkho ke samne andhera cha jata hai. Plz tell what do you exactly study for polity? Do you memorize article nos. and amendment nos. which are imp art. and amd….. PLZ HELP

  5. respected maam,
    im Akanksha chawla, im doing my btech. i hav given my third year exams n nw im in the 7th sem.
    i want to start my prepration for ias, pls suggest me hw to start.... im very confused in selecting d optionals n i dont hav any group or friends to help me.
    pls reply.

  6. hello mam i am preparing with m.e as my sub can u plz suggest me books 4 this and some tips.yhank u.

  7. @hari...
    i dont hv much idea about mech engg mains books as my optional wr different

  8. @sandeep..yeah frm may da newspapers cutouts is required...

  9. @ saumya
    1)if one has taken basic coaching , then refinement one can do at ne place but just make sum arrangements for getting the current sffairs materials b4 mains or prelims
    2)if one is able to understand da syllabus of opt well then ne test series wil help 2 understand trends of question n framing answers
    3)i dont hv ne idea abt optional test series in bbsr
    4)one can always strike a balance between job n cse preps bt may b one has to give some extra efforts..
    5)IIPA/IGNOU materials i got from idea whr ist avialable in bbsr

  10. @mayuresh...its imp 2 remember some imp articles n amendement nos.u can just stick to one book DD basu or subhash kashyap...

  11. rashmita

    mam, please advise on folowing doubts of mine-
    1. Mam i do not have history as my optional. Please suggest a suitable source for indian art and culture and ancient history and medevial history part specially for the 2 markers.

    2. mam if i want to read ancient and medevial history , in case they are useful. then should i follow old ncert's or new one.

    3.vajjiram materials and class room notes..... mam are these the handwritten notes or printed notes or a combination of both.
    4m where to get them in delhi and how to ensure that they are latest.

    please reply

  12. Hi rashmita .

    If you read dutt sundaram, plz tell me which all chapters are to be studied from that book as the book is quite bulky. . Plz mention the important chapter numbers. .

  13. dear mam
    i am in 7th sem btech.
    how to manage time between college(8am to 5pm) and studyn for ias.considering the fact that engg subjects too are very please guide me how to manage the time.
    and where shal i take coaching from

  14. @ mayuresh..c i did dutta n sundaram in 2006 just few chapters like agri,industry...
    @ surbhi..i hv mentioned da institutes whr i ws associated directly or indirectly as a student...u cn go thru ny blog n thn its solely ur choice 2 decide on which one u want 2 join...i cn understand in 7th n 8th sems things r vr hectic bcoz of btech proj,seminars ,paper presentations..dont worry dear just spare sum 2-3 hours at max fr cse n it wil help...

  15. hi, mam first of all congrats for ur splendid success in the ias exam,
    i have some queries, in wich i hape will help me, i cannot afford to join any coaching in delhi,so plz tel me what should be my strategy for exam, i am from pune, and my optionals are and psyco. can u plz tel me how can i secure study material for from pavan sir and psyco from mukul pathak sir, or i have to join coaching ther. for study material, and where i will get vajiram gs notes, PLEASE RPLY

  16. mam it has come to notice dat cse-2011 is going 2 b changed den what will b d new pattern of d exam(prem )in 2011???

  17. hi mam
    i have completed my 3rd yr in engg.i wanted to ask you that how much will i lose on if i dont start preparing now,because i dont feel focussed right now and i want to prepare wen i feel i kan out my heart n sole into what if i start preparing in the 8th sem when i am on training.

  18. dear
    i am interested to start civil services coaching in January since in my last semester i will be on training in delhi and i can easily take coaching.but most of the good coaching institutes start coaching in i will tend to waste 10 months as in january to october.
    kindly guide.

  19. hello ma'm ,i haven't cleared the cse '11 so i'm in dilemma to work or prepare solely for cse'12, i have 2 more attempts wat to do , internally i feel i have to work to share father's respon'y n have d desire to fulfill my goal!!!!!

  20. hello mam, plz suggest any book for general science and indian culture

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