Saturday, June 12, 2010

Smile. It is a simple act, but sometimes takes a lot of effort. A smile can cause boundaries to melt, hearts to warm up, and distances to reduce. Why don't we smile more often? Is it too tough to smile? The answer lies in our attitude towards life. If we are more accepting of situations, we will be able to smile more easily...
we wud be having situations which wil b tough n sumtimes beyond our control bt i think we should not be losing hope and instead be bold enough 2 deal wid them but with a smile towards life...

life wud b much easier if u start taking ur own life wid a smile and n then life wud smile back and u wud smile n shine forever n ever...

smile n shine


  1. well said, didi.....If we are more accepting of situations, we will be able to smile more easily......but smiling is an art which can't learn in a single day....before having a smile on your face, you must analyse the situation will also act as a bad weapon......however in 99 out of 100 cases.....worrying is the root cause of non-smiling.............

    so let's stop worrying.............

    happy smiling...............

    with smile...........

  2. smile is very difficult when u have worst situations/actualities of life...
    jis par bitati hai wo janta hai huh
    btw thx for advice sorry but life is not only beautiful


  4. Tangled sheets
    Cold sweat of fear
    Choked back screams
    Mar the air

    Pale light filters
    Through winter trees
    Breaking darkness
    From the night

    Gasps of breath
    Still the shaking
    Give voice to a tiny whisper:

    You’re still whole.”

    Standing in a fog
    Thick with doubt
    Damp with fear

    Tumbling down
    The rocky path
    Uncertain and unsecure

    Breathe deep
    Still the blinding fall
    Listen to the tiny whisper:

    You’re still whole.”

    In the swirl of fierce fear
    That chokes and blinds
    Grab hold the path –
    Through rocky

    Under the heavy cloak
    Shadowed with doubt
    Burdened by unknowns
    A sliver, a faint light

    Follow, follow the light
    Til the rocks give way
    Smooth to sand
    Hold on, hold on to the whisper:

    You’re still whole.”


  5. Sun shines for u
    Moon brights for u
    Star twikles for u
    And rain falls for u
    As u r so good
    People relie on u
    And u find the way to go through
    May God always bless u
    For the good deeds of u
    As u know for sure
    That ur friends really love u
    So maintain that smile on ur face
    When someone special observes u

  6. Jante hai hum dukh kya hota hai,
    Pehchante hai uska ehsaas kya hota hai.
    Humne to jeena seekh liya hai iske saath,
    Aur dukh ke dard mai bhi jalna hum jante hai.

    Log samajhte hai hum khush hai,
    Lekin dil kon padna janta hai.
    Chehre ki hasi se dukh chupa jata hai,
    Lekin is tute dil ka hala kuch log hi jante hai.

    Sab chahte hai khush rehna,
    Par kya koi yeh nahi janta ki,
    Kabhi apni khushi ke liye,
    Dusro ko dukh na dena.

    Apne bhi saath chod dete hai,
    Jab ho hum unke khilaf,
    To begano se kya sahara mangna,
    Woh to khud nahi jante akhir kaise hai saath nibhana.

    Jeete to hum bhi hai,
    Lekin majburi mai jeena koi nahi janta.
    Khushi mai bhi dukh ka ehsaas hona,
    Ise hi to majburi mai jeene kaha jata hai.

    Hum nahi jante is duniya ko,
    Par apne dil ko to achi tarah pehchante hai.
    Pyar hai isme sabke liye,
    Aur us pyar ko bhi nibhana hum jante hai.

    Majburiya hi to bana deti hai hume kathor dil,
    Jisme jalna bhi hum achi tarah jante hai.
    Dusro ko lagta hai hum dokhebaj hai,
    Lekin koi humse puche to hamari hasi bhi ek naqaab hai.

    Jo is naqaab ke piche ka raaz janta hai,
    Woh hi to hume sacha pyar dena janta hai.
    Dil mai jagah to har kisiko de hai hamane,
    Par is dil mai rehna sacha pyar hi janta hai.

    Dil mai rehna to sab chahte hai,
    Par kyu yeh bhul jate hai ki,
    Aakhir yeh dil to hamara hai,
    Ispar sabka bas nahi chalne wala hai.

    Kyu chine lena chahte hai log is dil ko,
    Kya koi ise pyar se rakhna nahi janta hai.
    Jo hamare dil ko sambhalna janta hai,
    Wahi to hamare dil ko humse chine na janta hai.

    Hum to jeete hai dusro ki khushi ke khatir,
    Uska matlab yeh to nahi ki,
    Hum apni hi khushiyo ko,
    Hamesha hi naqar de.

    Kyu log yeh chahte hai,
    Hum chale unke hi bataye raste par.
    Kyu kya hamara khud ka koi rasta nahi hai?
    Phir bhi hum chal padte hai unke bataye raste par,
    Par kya kisiko yeh nahi pata ki,
    Pathar rakhte hai hum is dil par.

    Kab tak hum yuhi dukhi hote rahenge,
    Aur apna dukh sabse chupate rahenge.
    Kyu nahi dikhta kisiko ki,
    Hamari bhi kuch ichaye hoti hai.

    Ab aadat ho gai hai hame,
    Apne dukh mai hi khushiya pana.
    Isko hi zindagi kehte hai log,
    Aur hum ise aachi tarah jeena jante hai.

    Dukh to hota hi hai,
    Akhir dil jo hai,
    Lekin ise dil ko mana na bhi hum jante hai.
    Isiliye kehte hai jeelo muthi bhar Zindagi.
    Pata nahi kab, kaha khatam ho jaye,
    Aur hum khushiya dhundate hi reh jaye.

  7. Dear Mam
    Somehow in my 1st seminar of chanakya at 11th of august 2010 u influenced me alot due 2 sum immaturity i cudnt do well in my 1st attempt but after an year coming back 2 ur blog i promise myself dat u being my ideal n having d same optionals i will give my 100% in my upcoming attempt (2012).......