Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to prepare public admn :

Public admn is da paper having most concise syllabus as far as i know and interesting pub ad ws my 2nd optional so i read limited no. of books and study material for it...

I m listing the books :
for paper 1: fadia n fadia,awasthi n maheswari,prasad n prasad
For paper 2 : arora n goel
study material : i referred vajiiram's red books or now which is probably known as pink books ,IIpa journals and Sunil gupta sir's test series analysis that helped me for refining my answer writing skills...
For the new added syllabus i referred vajjiram's red book,IIPA journals,Search from NET and as i was teaching production and operation management in an engg college and sum portions of da new syllabus were same to portions which i ws teaching in college eg. PERT,CPM etc.


  1. did u subscribe to ijpa or did u buy the compilation of ijpa articles

  2. @ varun...i got the compilation of articles which ws available in delhi's photocopy shops...

  3. can u plz guide me bit about how u wrote ur pub ad answers...meaning
    1)did u underline
    2)how much example frm current affairs
    3)did u make any diag
    kindly specify for both papers

  4. thanks sister .please write about gs preparation

  5. Rashmita, did you join test series for pub ad after prelims?

  6. i am running out of time. not yet finished pub ad syllabus though i took coaching in last year. i dnt stay in Delhi either. can you please suggest me the strategy for pub ad?

  7. hi mam
    i m manabhanjan from odisha
    i have completed my bsc physics
    now doing MA sociology from DU
    soc. is my 1st optinal
    wat should i take as 2nd optional
    can pub ad will be fruitful for me

  8. i have heard from people that pub ad is very dificult and very competative as well
    so can it be feasible for me
    how to start 4 pub ad

  9. @manabhajan...i found pub ad 2 b interesting so i opted for my opinion its nt very difficult 2 prep pub fact da syllabus being concise saves a lot of time as my 1st opt history ws voluminous(51 chapters for mains) whereas pub ad is having only 26 chapter..da choice is all urs...

  10. @ashu..i make such enrichment in da form of underlining n diagrams... thru prev year question papers n get as idea abt trend n type of question n then u can write sum answers or take some poatal tests whichever is comfortable 4 u...

  11. Hello madam,my name is Sunil ,my writing skills are poor can you plz guide me on how to improve in this?

  12. Hi rashmitaji, I am pursuing BTECH(H.M.) from NCR and at present i am in thrid year and planning to give my first attempt of CSE in 2012 with psychology and public administration as my optionals. So kindly suggest me whether my choice of optionals is correct or not because their is no optional subject(as per upsc list) related to my graduation please suggest me? I have another query that is coaching from vajiram and ravi for public administration is sufficient or their is need to refer books as well as...please suggest me. Thanking you for your suggestions in advance.

  13. Hi mam, I am appearing CSE 2011. As I am in defence i get very limited time and can not reffer all d books. so i am looking 4 a good coaching institute for postal guidance. In this concern i need your guidance that can i completely depend on vajiram & ravi for public admin and genral studies. Mam please guide me. My accademic background is MA(PUBLIC ADD)

  14. Hi Rashmita ,
    It will be really grateful... if you could please suggest the topics that you shortlisted to prepare for PUB Admin..

  15. did u wrote in telugu medium?

  16. Hi mam,

    if i fill upsc cse form but if in won't appear in prelims ,so would it count as an attempt.